40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign

 The Fall 40 Days for Life Prayer Campaign will commence on September 22 in 238cities and run until October 31.  We will pray for an end to abortion at 2 clinics at 89-22 Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights 6 days each week.  This will be the seventh national campaign and by far the largest Pro-life campaign that this country has ever seen.  The website is http://www.40daysforlife.com/.  For more information, please contact Ray Mooney at PROLIFERAY@gmail.com or 718-309-6126. 

 ******   This fall, from September 22 – October 31, New York City, known as the Abortion Capital of America, along with more than 230 cities in the United States, Canadian, Europe and Australia will be joining together for the largest and longest coordinated pro-life mobilization in history — the 40 Days for Life campaign.  
40 Days for Life is a focused pro-life effort that consists of: 
•        40 days of prayer and fasting
•        40 days of peaceful vigil
•        40 days of community outreach

 With God’s help, this groundbreaking effort will mark the beginning of the end of abortion in our city — and throughout America. Sign up to participate in our NYC 40 Days for Life vigils by emailing Chris Slattery at SlatteryNY@gmail.com or call (914) 224-5773 or (718) 884-9210, or contact (ENGLISH) Ray Mooney at 718-309-6126 or PROLIFERAY@gmail.com-(SPANISH) Julie Beyel at 718-884-8400 or juliebeyel@yahoo.com for more information. 

Be sure to sign-up for updates and prayer requests using the form at the top right of this page, and browse through the rest of this site to find out how YOU can help make a lifesaving impact as part of our NYC 40 Days for Life campaigns.  http://www.40daysforlife.com/nyc/ Learn more about the national 40 Days for Life campaign.