I extend my sincere thanks to everyone who in any way contributed to the success of our 40-Hour Devotion. This was a wonderful experience for each of us, as well as a magnificent testimony of our faith and adoration for Jesus Christ present among us in the Most Blessed Sacrament. My thanks to those who came to the Devotions, Masses and especially to the private adoration. Thank you to Reverend Dariusz Strzelecki who delivered the sermons at the Closing

and to the other priests for preaching the Word of God. Many thanks to Rev. Rafal Kopystynski CM, who presided over the Vespers and Procession as well as to Fr. Tadeusz Maciejewski CM for singing the Litany to All Saints. I extend my thanks to all the guest priests, especially to confratres from the Easter and the New England Provinces who came to celebrate with us. Many thanks to Ms. Małgorzata, our organist, our parish choir, and Mr. Jurek, our sexton, for the preparation of the church. Sincere thanks to the children and their parents for participating in the closing ceremony and procession: the children from St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy, the Krakowianki and Gorale, the altar servers, the Maria Konopnicka Polish Saturday School, the Polish Scouts from the Greenpoint division and the children from the religious instruction programs. God Bless the Sisters, Mr. Krzysztof and all teachers for preparing the children who participated. Special thanks to the Sea League, all the Parish Societies and Organizations who participated in the procession with their banners. I am thankful that the church was filled with so many faithful parishioners. It was a beautiful exhibit of our faith. My thanks to those who worked in the rectory preparing the Devotion and a reception for the many guest priests. For this ‘unseen’ gift of labor, many thanks. May God Bless you.

Fr. Marek