9 AM Mass of Thanksgiving

This Thursday will mark our celebration of a national Day of Thanksgiving. Special Mass will be celebrated at 9 AM in our church. Please join us in this very special celebration.

We must never consider that Thanksgiving Day was an American invention. Ceremonies and periods of thanksgiving are woven through the entire tapestry of history. We find them in the Jewish Calendar of Feasts, in other world religions, in European cultures and native practices of North America, South America, Asia and Africa. In the United States Thanksgiving was historically viewed as a holy day more than a holiday, where society ceased from their work and gave thanks to God for all His goodness. For Catholics, thanksgiving is a daily and weekly occurrence through the Mass, where the Eucharistic Sacrifice is our Great Thanksgiving. I am happy that we have people attending daily Eucharist to heighten our awareness of God’s hand in our lives. On this Thanksgiving Day let us thank God for the gift of life and health, for providing for our spiritual and physical needs, for our families and for the grace of salvation. Let us be thankful to our parents and benefactors. Let us also be thankful for the countless good people each of whom brought his or her own special gifts to us and touched our lives. Today, let us remember each one with reverence and gratitude. We pray: “Lord, we thank you for the goodness of our people and for the spirit of justice that fills this nation. We thank you for the beauty and fullness of the land and the challenge of the cities. We thank you for our work and our rest, for one another, and for our homes. We thank you, Lord: accept our thanksgiving on this day. Amen.”