A Salute to America performance by students of SSKCA

sta1 On Friday, May20th the students of St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy presented a most fabulous performance called "A Salute to America" by John McKay. Every student resplendent in period costumes from Pre-K3 to Grade 8 put their whole heart, soul and spirit into this performance through singing, marching, dancing, flag waving and the re-enactment of the difficulties and blessings that this country has endured from its very founding up to the attack on the Twin Towers on Sept. 11,2001. This performance was also a tribute to our heroes who did so much to help in saving and serving those in need during those trying times.


This presentation helped the audience to understand that America’s strength comes from the helping hands of all – the young and the old and that through prayer and with God’s help all things are possible. The young people realized that the future of America belongs to them. A Salute to America was directed by the academy’s music teacher Mrs. Bozena Konkiel who put every effort into making this a great hit.


View pictures from the presentation in our Photo Gallery