Adan Aftyka needs your help…

We would like to ask you kindly for financial support for Adam Aftyka. Since birth Adam is struggling with eyes cancer. He has been treated in Warsaw and in London. In London dr John Hungerford managed to safe only one Adam’s eye with the innovative treatment (Melphalan).   Unfortunately, doctors in London weren’t able to give Adam any further treatment and propose to remove his only eye that has left. We want to fight cancer again. The consultation and treatment in Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center is of a much hope for us. We are in an urgent need because of the lack of money. The treatment in New York is expensive but it gives a chance to safe Adam’s sight and help other children with eye cancer as well.  If you can, help us to change our great sorrow into a great joy like Jesus who changed water into wine. We believe that Adam was born under a lucky star. 

Adam is very happy child, he enjoys life and the ability to see the colourful world. He brings hope into his blind parents’ life. His grandmother, who cares about him everyday, is very proud of him. Adam is also especially liked by his teachers.

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The money that will be collected by you may be send directly on the hospital’s account including patient’s name : Adam Aftyka- MRN 35378664

Bank: JP Morgan Chase: 270 Park Avenue New York, New York 10017 ABA# 021000021

Account: Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Acct. # 134687132

(Swift Code: CHASUS33)

or self account Adam w NY Bank: CHASE 360 East 72-nd St. New York, NY 10021

Routing / ABA# 021000021

Account: Adam Aftyka Acc# 3006175979 (Swift Code: CHASUS33)

in Poland Bank account: Caritas Archidiecezji Lubelskiej

Kredyt Bank S.A O/Lublin 79 1500 1520 1215 2000 9121 0000 z dopiskiem ”Leczenie Adasia Aftyki”.

Thank you very much for your help in advance

The family of Adam