Advent and Christmas 2010 Calendar of Activities

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Our Bishop, the Most Reverend Nicholas DiMarzio, in his Pastoral Letter entitled “The New Evangelization in Brooklyn and Queens” (October 3, 2004) tells us,

Re-evangelization is the revitalized proclamation of the Gospel as a lived experience in the concrete events of daily life for those already baptized and active in the Church.  It is the encounter with Christ offered in the New Evangelization that gives us an opportunity to transform our own personal relationships with Christ. 

First, it is a call to formal prayer and to pray the ordinary work of each day.  Only then can we deepen our faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ gained through catechesis, faith formation, conscience formation, and an adherence to the moral teachings of the Church. Through prayer, we must integrate both the practice and knowledge of the faith so that every aspect of our lives is transformed.

There must also be an ongoing process of faith formation in our lives, nourished by education and prayer that will transform us into new disciples who bring the Gospel into the world by example and not solely by words.  This transformation is especially needed in the lives of our children, teenagers and young adults as they begin their journey of faith.  Thus, the works of Catholic education on behalf of children and adults in our Catholic schools and religious education programs are the best and greatest means to achieve this aspect of the New Evangelization.

Recently, our Holy Father Benedict XVI established a new Vatican Office especially dedicated to promoting and enhancing the New Evangelization throughout the world.  He has called each person to respond to the call to be transformed in a unique and personal way.

Beginning this Advent, November 28, 2010, you are invited to join with thousands of others in Brooklyn and Queens and participate in the activities and prayers suggested on the Advent and Christmas 2010 Calendar of Activities that accompanies this memo.  Would it not be wonderful if families throughout Brooklyn and Queens demonstrated our special Catholic identity by praying with one voice on the same day for the same intention? This might be coupled with other activities and traditions that already make up your celebration of the seasons of Advent and Christmas.

I would invite and encourage you to share this Advent and Christmas 2010 Calendar of Activities with others.   Have a blessed and holy Advent and Christmas!

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