Reconfiguration Process

Renewal Program in the Diocese of Brooklyn

Good News of evangelization proclaims that Jesus Christ suffered and died for our sins so He could raise us up to eternal life. No one who encounters this Good News can escape making a personal response to it. God wants you and all people to know His unconditional love for you. He desires you and wants you to turn your heart over to His Son, Jesus, as the center of your life. All God asks from you and me is to accept being loved by Him, in all our unworthiness. This is the Good News that can bring renewal to every human heart and the renewal of our Diocesan Church.

If we seek such a renewal of the Church in Brooklyn and Queens, then we must be willing to seek every person willing to listen to our message of hope in Jesus. It demands that we identify and awaken the personal gifts, talents and assets of every baptized member of our Diocese, asking everyone to offer who and what they have so that the Church can grow in its knowledge and love of the Lord and in charity and justice among its members.

Finally and most importantly, if we seek the renewal of our Church in Brooklyn and Queens, we need to pray, and pray like we have never prayed before, asking God our Father for the renewal of the mission of the New Evangelization in our midst.

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Op-ed – Daily News – 11/21/2010


 Frequent Asked Questions:



During a meeting of the Parish Pastoral Council, Finance Council, trustees, parish staff and pastor on May 3, 2010, we came up with the following answers to the questions suggested by the Diocese of Brooklyn. The whole document is available to all parishioners on the Website and they are invited to make comments and suggestions in regards to all topics. Read the document by clicking on the icon…


 Financial and spiritual report – state of our parish prepared by the pastor (English and Polish version) 

 Document with some statistical information about our parish…