Bishop Malysiak – 40th Anniversary of Episcopal Ordination!

The Oldest Bishop in Poland celebrates his 40th Anniversary of Episcopal Ordination!

On April 5, 1970,  Fr. Albin MALYSIAK CM  (Vincentian ) received his Episcopal ordination from Cardinal Karol Wojtyla,  Archbishop of Krakow, (later Pope John Paul II). Pope Paul VI nominated him a titular bishop of Beatia and auxiliary bishop of Krakow on January 14, 1970. For many years of his service he was Vicar General and supervised departments of religious orders, catechist and economic affairs in the Metropolitan Curia. By the Canon Law requirements he retired in February 1993 . Since 2007 he is the oldest living bishop in Polish Episcopate. In June he will turn 93.    Congratulations Bishop Albin!    

Soon after nomination, Visitor of Province of Poland, Very Reverend Franciszek Myszka CM wrote in the circular:  “It is great joy to bring this news to you my dear Confreres, that upon the request of Cardinal Karol Wojtyla, Pope Paul VI appointed the Fr. Superior Albin Malysiak a suffragan bishop in Krakow. Elevation to this position is a recognition for the entire pastoral activity of nominee, but it is also an honor for the entire Province. Drawing from sincere gratitude to His Eminence Cardinal for his kindness, we assure Bishop Albin of a boundless joy which the whole Congregation i experiencing, and especially our Province. We wish him blessings of God in this apostolic work. May the Spirit of St. Vincent penetrates the style of pastoral ministry and life of the Church through his person. Plurimos Annos!   At the same time I wish to thank Bishop Albin for everything he has done for the Province so far in various positions. He already enrolled in our great history, and now, when the new card of this story opens, we ask God, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin and St. Vincent, for all the necessary grace.”

Biography of Bishop Albin Malysiak:

First celebration of the 40th Anniversary of his Episcopal ordination took place during the parish feast on February 11, 2010 in the Our Lady of Lourdes parish in Krakow, where Fr. Albin Malysiak was pastor and superior of the Vincentian House in the moment of nomination.

Regional public TV channel TVP KRAKOW is producing a documentary titled “On deep water with faith” dedicated to the life and ministry of Fr. Albin Malysiak as Vincentian priest, pastor and bishop, who worked with abandoned an poor children, was a chaplain in the house for elderly, saved lives of few Jews during the WWII  children,  founded and put into action the ministry among students form the university campus and finally who served the archdiocese of Krakow.