Car donation through St. Vincent De Paul Society

Donate Your Car and receive a tax DEDUCTION
Same day car, boat and RV pickup available
Car, boat and RV pickup appointment at your convenience
FREE PICKUP SERVICE seven days a week!
We accept all cars, boats and RV’s, running or not
We do the DMV and IRS paperwork
Donate Car Program is run by SVDP

In New York City and area call  (718)-491-2525

Donation money can be directed to any SVDP charity program/location
More information on the SVdP Donation Car Program and its members can be viewed at Member’s Special Works. If your favorite SVdP location or program is not listed, you can still donate your car and direct the monies from your car, truck or RV donation to any SVdP location or program. Elsewise your car donation proceeds will help the poor and homeless of our membership.

Who We Are
The St. Vincent de Paul Society, a Catholic lay organization made up mostly of volunteers called Vincentians, has served the poor and homeless in the United States since 1845. Vincentians assist those with needs by making home visits, operating homeless shelters, running food assistance programs, providing employment services, operating thrift stores and offering other support programs for the addicted, the battered, the sick and the incarcerated. The home visits are performed person-to-person. The stores provide rehabilitative employment and free goods for those in need. Vincentians embrace all works of charity and justice. The Society collaborates with other organizations of good will to relieve need and address its root causes, because in those we serve, Vincentians see the face of Christ. St. Vincent de Paul Society provides support, resources and compassion to individuals in need, regardless of race, origin, religion or gender.

What We Do
Last year, in the USA 107,000 Vincentians helped 12,000,000 people according to their needs. On the local level Conferences together form a District Council. Conferences generally consists of about 20 volunteers called Vincentians. Each District Council of St. Vincent de Paul Society does a variety of special works in addition to performing home visits and operating thrift stores.
The profits from every vehicle donation go directly to the district council representing the area from which the donation is made. Since the profits from your vehicle donation go to your community, it is useful to know what special works are being done.
See District Council list for special works highlights and websites

Our Values
The St. Vincent de Paul Society adheres to a group of core values that are principles central to its creed and ministry:

  • The dignity of the human person
  • Identification of Jesus with the poor
  • The preferential option of the poor
  • Jesus as the Evangelizer and Servant of the poor
  • Growth in the intimacy with Jesus is a life-long process
  • Poverty of spirit is the primary beatitude
  • Concern with charity and justice
  • Personal and communal prayer
  • The virtues of humility, both personal and corporate
  • The virtue of charity, both within and outside of the Society
  • Divine Providence
  • Friendship
  • Solidarity
  • Community