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On behalf of the entire St. Stan’s family we would like to extend our warmest and sincerest wishes to all of our St. Stan’s dads for a Happy Father’s Day!!!
Since I haven’t used an acrostic in a while, I thought that this would be an appropriate way to describe all that our dads mean to us!!!  You truly are our heroes!!!  Have an awesome day!!!
All the best,


In loving memory of Nadia Gryziec, age 84, who passed away on June 1, 2021.  Pani Nadja will be forever loved and remembered in the parish and Greenpoint community for her kind heart and generosity of spirit.
Nadia is survived by her daughters Irene, Dorothy & Jennifer, son-in-law Slawomir and her treasured grandchildren, Christopher, Lily, Violet and Chloe.
Visitation at Arthur’s Funeral Home on Sunday afternoon & evening June 6th and mass at the parish on Monday June 7th at 10am

Memorial Day

Today we praise the men and women who sacrificed their lives in the name of our country. Their selfless devotion, outstanding courage, and honor should inspire us to make their sacrifice meaningful. May the Lord of All, Merciful and Loving God reward them with eternal joy.
We are mourning those who died for the United States to remind ourselves of worthy ideals, virtues, and priorities. May their sacrifice be a constant reminder of things that matter.
May our eternal gratitude for the sacrifice these men and women made bring us peace and hope for a better tomorrow.


The State of New York, following recommendations from the CDC, lower rates of infection and higher numbers of people being vaccinated against COVID-19, has relaxed many of the restrictions which were in place. Because of that, with the pastoral care of the people of Brooklyn and Queens in mind, Bishop DiMarzio is issuing the following guidelines.

  1. Our Churches may open to full 100% capacity. There is no longer any need to rope off a pew between the occupied rows. Social distancing is still required for those who are not vaccinated. Unvaccinated parishioners should distance themselves from others who are not members of the same household.
  2. Hand hygiene is still required and disinfectant use should be encouraged. Additionally, it is wise to provide disinfectant at the entrances of the Church.
  3. For those who are not vaccinated, masks are still mandatory in Church. However, everyone is encouraged to wear masks while in Church.
  4. Hymnals and missalettes can once again be used.
  5. Lectors may begin reading from the main ambo or pulpit in Church.
  6. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion may resume their ministry, using correct hand hygiene before and after Holy Communion.
  7. Offertory collections may resume with offertory baskets as usual.
  8. The Offertory Procession with the gifts of bread and wine can begin again.
  9. Choirs with vaccinated members can resume normal choir activities. Those not vaccinated should maintain social distance.
  10. Altar Servers may resume their ministry, observing necessary hygiene procedures.
  11. Holy Communion is still to be given under the form of Bread only. There are no shared Communion cups. Receiving in the hand is still the recommended practice.


Confirmation 2021

Today, on Sunday, April 25th, 2021, the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation was held in our parish for young people who have been waiting for this Sacrament since March, because the churches were closed due to the pandemic.

Due to the limitations of the number of people who can be in the church at once, the youth was divided into 3 groups. The first group were students of the St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy. The second group consisted of young people of the religion teaching program (CCD) in English, and the third group of young people studying religion in Polish language.
Following the principles of social distance, the youth sat in separate benches with their sponsors and family. Everyone came to Confirmation wearing masks, but only took them off for quick photos.
The minister of the sacrament was Rev. Bishop Witold Mroziewski, who conducted ceremonies every 45 minutes. Local priests and Mr. Krzysztof, who together with Father Grzegorz were responsible for the preparation of the youth, as well as some teachers of the Academy also took part. The musical setting was provided by Mr. Zbyszek Szczypior, our organist, who also prepared “hints” for the youth for dialogue with the bishop and displayed the answers on the screens.
We congratulate all those who have received the sacrament of Confirmation and encourage them to let God’s Spirit lead them through life. This way, the life will definitely be easier and happier.

40 lecie kpałaństwa // 40 Anniv. of priesthood

40th Anniversary of Ordination and Feastday of Fr. Marek Sobczak, CM
It is with great pleasure that we invite all Parishioners and friends of our St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish in Greenpoint to join us in celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Ordination and Feastday of our Pastor, Fr. Marek Sobczak, C.M. A special Mass will be celebrated by the Honoree on Sunday, April 25 at 1:00pm.
We wish to extend to our Honorable Jubilarian our most heartfelt best wishes on this very special occasion. May the Good Lord bless Fr. Marek with an abundance of graces, blessings, joy and peace. With gratitude for your priestly service we offer you our prayers.

Jubileusz 40-lecia kapłaństwa i imieniny Ks. Proboszcza Marka Sobczaka, CM
Z wielką radością zapraszamy Wszystkich Parafian i Sympatyków naszej Parafii św. Stanisława Kostki na Greenpoincie do wspólnego świętowania Jubileuszu 40 rocznicy przyjęcia Święceń kapłańskich oraz imienin naszego Księdza Proboszcza Marka Sobczaka, CM. Uroczysta Msza św. będzie odprawiona przez Jubilata w niedzielę 25 kwietnia o godzinie 13:00.
Z tej okazji Czcigodnemu Jubilatowi składamy z serca płynące, najlepsze życzenia. Niech Dobry Bóg darzy Księdza Marka wszelkimi łaskami i błogosławieństwami, radości i pokoju. Z podziękowaniem za Twoją Kapłańską posługę ofiarujemy nasze modlitwy.


50 Anniversary of Priesthood // 50 lat kapłaństwa

Ksiądz Jan Urbaniak CM długie lata pracował lata w naszej parafii jako wikariusz oraz administrator. 28 lutego 2021 roku ksiądz Jan obchodził 50 rocznicę święceń kapłańskich, a w naszej parafii ks. Jan odprawił Mszę św. 18 kwietnia o godz. 13:00.
Z tej okazji Czcigodnemu Jubilatowi składamy z serca płynące, najlepsze życzenia. Niech Dobry Bóg darzy Księdza Jana wszelkimi łaskami i błogosławieństwami, niech wlewa w Jego serce radość i pokój, niech otacza dobrymi przyjaciółmi. Z podziękowaniem za Twoją Kapłańską posługę ofiarujemy nasze modlitwy.
Plurimos Annos! Sto Lat!

Fr. Jan Urbaniak, CM worked in our parish as both a vicar and an administrator. On February 28, 2021 Fr. Jan celebrated his 50th Anniversary of ordination to the priesthood. In honor of this jubilee, Fr. Jan  celebrated Holy Mass on April 18 at 1:00pm in our parish.
On this happy occasion we wish to extend to the Honorable Jubilarian our most heartfelt best wishes. May the Good Lord bestow upon Fr. Jan an abundance of graces and blessigs, may He pour into his heart much joy and peace, and surround him with many good friends. With gratitude for your Priestly service, we offer you our prayers.
Plurimos Annos! 100 Years!

Congregation of the Mission Founding Day

vdp066January 25th, marks the anniversary of the Foundation of the Congregation of the Mission by St. Vincent de Paul. Please pray for the new vocations to priesthood and for the growth of this religious Vincentian community.

The Congregation of the Mission celebrates January 25th 1617 as its “Foundation Day” but in reality the Congregation was not legally set up until 8 year laters on April 17, 1625. To celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the Congregation of the Mission VinFormation has posted a SlideShare presentation.

The history of the Congregation of the Mission (Vincentian Fathers) begins on January 25, 1617.
Vincent de Paul (1581) was ordained on September 23, 1600, at the age of nineteen or twenty. In 1612, he was named pastor of Saint-Medard in Clichy, a poor rural parish just northwest of Paris. As pastor, he experienced the priesthood in a way unknown to him to that point, and told the bishop he was happier than the bishop himself, and even the pope.
However, in less than a year, Cardinal Bérulle recalled him to Paris to become chaplain to the Gondi family and tutor to their children. In January of 1617, Vincent was on the Gondi estates in Picardy, and heard the confession of a dying man, who told Madame de Gondi that he would have been damned without Vincent’s ministry. She urged Vincent to preach a sermon on general confessions. He did it on January 25, 1617. His sermon produced such a response that other priests were called to help hear all the confessions. Continue reading Congregation of the Mission Founding Day