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System of displaying the texts of songs

For several weeks now, our parish has had a system of displaying the texts of songs sung during the liturgy. It is a great help for the faithful and encourages them to participate in singing. The organist prepares the lyrics of the song on the computer and they are displayed on large monitors at the right time. The faithful do not have to look for songs in hymn books, the more so as no books can be found in their pews during the pandemic.
We believe that the system will contribute to the louder praise of God with singing and involvement in the liturgy.
The system cost $ 15,000. Thank you very much for the donations so far and we encourage other parishioners and guests to make further donations to help our parish pay the costs of building the system.

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„Because of the demands the ongoing pandemic places on our parish resources, for the good of God’s people, out of an abundance of caution it has been decided that all parish religious education programs, all faith formation programs, Pre-Cana experiences will be held virtually. The time period for this mandate is September 2020 until January 1, 2021. It must be noted that this situation is extremely fluid and there is the possibility that this mandate will be extended into the Spring of 2021.”    (Diocese of Brooklyn, August 26th, 2020)



Mary is now in heaven, body and soul. And just as Christ the King governs his Church from there, so too Mary his Queen Mother intercedes for sinners there and sends us help and encouragement.
This is reason behind the many apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary throughout history.
And it is also the reason why the Church encourages all of us, old and young, men and women, boys and girls, to have a strong devotion to Mary.
Sometimes we say a lot of prayers, sometimes we kneel in front of pretty pictures and say ten Hail Marys and then go back to work and start gossiping, lying, nagging, cheating, or otherwise making other people’s lives miserable. That is not true devotion to Mary.
The beautiful paintings and the simple, profound Marian prayers are meant to stir up in our hearts a strong desire to IMITATE Mary’s Son, to follow in Christ’s footsteps, just as she did.
True devotion to Mary means doing that: self-forgetfully giving our lives for the good of those around us, just like our Mother.
Today as we renew our faith in Christ’s power by contemplating the great miracle of the Assumption, let’s ask our heavenly Mother to obtain for us that all-important grace of gradually changing our selfish hearts into self-giving, Christian ones.


There was a huge explosion in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.
The Capuchin Father Paweł Bielecki, who is well known to many of us and works for many years in Lebanon, wrote in his email:
“It is bad, but we have to live on ….
We have lost everything, only the walls are left.
We all have minor injuries, but the whole town is in ruins …, people lost everything. Only the walls are left of the clinic. 2 nurses are dead.
The stench is terrible from these chemicals.
They still find the dead in buildings this morning.
I survived 2 wars in Lebanon, it was not like that yet.”
As a priest and doctor, Father Paul always helped all people in need. His clinic is located in a completely dilapidated Christian neighborhood that is adjacent to the port. Let’s help his work and the people of Beirut financially. Donations can be made on the account:
Fr. Paul Bielecki -Lebanese Mission Help
(address of the account, if needed: 213 Stanton St, NY, NY 11002)
Account Number: 9997981170
Bank Routing Number:  021000089


St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy 8 grade students will participate in the Special Graduation Mass and Ceremony tonight,  July 10th, 2020 at 7 PM. The Mass will be streamed also on this web page and on the .

Congratulations to all students!!!!!

Corpus Christi Procession — Procesja na Boże Ciało 2020

Procesja Bożego Ciała 2020 w zdjęciach. Autorką fotoreportażu jest znana wszystkim pani Zosia Zelewska-Bobrowska. Serdecznie dziękujemy Pani Zofio za udostępnienie zdjęć.

The Body and Blood of Jesus (Corpus Christi) Procession 2020. We say  “Thank You” to Mrs. Zofia Zeleski-Bobrowski, the author of the photos from the procession. Continue reading Corpus Christi Procession — Procesja na Boże Ciało 2020

The Solemnity of Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is Latin for the “Body of Christ.” In the Catholic Church in the West, Corpus Christi is celebrated as a solemnity on the Sunday following the Most Holy Trinity Sunday since the liturgical reforms of Vatican II. At its core the solemnity is a celebration of the Tradition and belief in the Eucharist as the Real Presence of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. For millennia, such a theme was part of the celebration of Holy Thursday, but then there are other important themes that are part of that celebration. And, all this occurs in the shadow of Good Friday. The placement of the celebration is not one that necessarily lends itself to a joyful celebration. But looked at from another perspective, every Sunday is a feast of the Eucharist, because by participating in the Mass, and in receiving Communion, we are honoring and celebrating the Eucharist.  Still, the Feast of Corpus Christi has its own history. Continue reading The Solemnity of Corpus Christi


Praised be Jesus Christ!
Another week of pandemics and closed churches … This separation with parishioners and the inability to pray together is becoming more and more troublesome. We want to believe that all restrictions are set to protect the weakest as well as the healthiest from catching this unpleasant and often deadly disease.
That is why we are waiting with patience for an end of restrictions and for the day when we meet at our church for the Sunday liturgy of the Holy Mass.
We are grateful for your financial support for our parish. Your donations that are sent electronically or by mail are truly appreciated. May good God reward your goodness of heart and generosity, Dear Parishioners and Friends. Thank you for all support received from you.

Niech będzie pochwalony Jezus Chrystus!
Kolejny tydzień pandemii i zamkniętych kościołów… Coraz bardziej dokuczliwa staje się ta rozłąka z parafianami i wspólną modlitwą. Wierzymy, że wszelkie restrykcje mają za zadanie chronić najsłabszych i najzdrowszych od zarażenia się tą nieprzyjemną i często śmiertelną chorobą.
Dlatego z cierpliwością czekamy na złagodzenie obostrzeń i na dzień, kiedy spotkamy się na niedzielnej liturgii mszy świętej.
Tym bardziej jesteśmy wdzięczni za wspieranie naszej parafii swoimi datkami przesyłanymi elektronicznie czy za pomocą poczty. Niech dobry Bóg wynagradza Waszą dobroć serca i szczodrość, Drodzy Parafianie i Przyjaciele. Serdecznie dziękujemy za wszelkie wsparcie otrzymane od Was.

Canonical Visitation 2020 // Biskup Mroziewski

On the first Sunday of March, Bishop Witold Mroziewski came to our parish with so called the Canonical Visitation. Please find below photos from his visit. Mrs. Zosia Zeleska-Bobrowska is author of all photos

Na początku marca ks. Biskup Witold Mroziewski oficjalnie odwiedził naszą parafię w ramach tak zwanej Wizytacji Kanoniczej. Poniżej jest galeria zdjęć z tej mszy świętej. Autorką zdjęć jest znana z prasy polonijnej pani fotograf  Zosia Zeleska-Bobrowski, której serdecznie dziękujemy za zdjęcia.

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