Christmas reflection

Today Jesus will come to us again in the Eucharist. Just as he came into the world on the first Christmas, quietly, gently, helplessly, entrusting himself to Mary’s care, so he comes to us in Holy Communion, quietly, gently, helplessly, entrusting himself to our care. God wants to rule our hearts, because he knows that he is a better king than we are. But he is not a tyrant – he won’t force his way in. Instead, he invites us, he reaches out to us, he trusts us, he makes himself weak so as to become our strength. Whenever we receive him in Holy Communion, he looks at us with the same generous and eager eyes that he used to look at his mother Mary on the first Christmas.
He wants to conquer the world, but he refuses to do it alone. He wants to gi ve forgiveness, hope, and meaning to everyone around us who is suffering and searching, but he refuses to do it alone.
Instead, today, just like 2000 years ago, he puts himself into our care. He entrusts us with the task of bringing him into the world. Not because we’re so great, but because he is so great that he lets us share his all-important, everlasting mission.
He is glad that we are here today to celebrate his birthday, and he is hoping that we will give him the only present he really wants: our renewed commitment to spread the Good News of salvation to everyone around us – a commitment that we fulfill in our everyday activities, through our way of life, words, and works. He is eager for us to give him that gift, because he loves us without limits, and he knows that if we give happiness to others, we will receive much more happiness ourselves.