Congratulation Patrick Lundeen!

PL7Our parishioner, Patrick Lundeen, 34, who painted the big cross and donated it to the lower church is proud to present “Good for you Son”, his first New York City solo exhibition at Mike Weiss Gallery, 520 West 24th Street, New York, NY 10011. The exhibition will run June 21 – July 28, 2012.   The Gallery describes this exhibition this way: “Lundeen appropriates found objects and images and imbues his works with an alternate context, function and message. He often brings together seemingly disparate objects—from flags to rugs to posters to keyboards to grocery store dailies and MAD Magazine pages—into cohesive works that often resemble an anthropomorphic mask.Neon-colored kaleidoscopic patterns embellish 6 foot tall cut out canvas masks, speaking to the artist’s fascination with the exaggerated theatricality of Coney Island type characters as well as Outsider Art motifs. Referencing pop culture and the neo-impressionists, the works hover between the humorous and sinister and the na?ve and sardonic.”

“It’s more like I feel like it’s inside of me in such a way that I can’t avoid it. It’s part of me,” Lundeen said, “I don’t even mean to think of this stuff. It just kind of happens because it all gets thrown together in my brain.”

We want to congratulate you, Patrick and wish you all the best! Good luck and God bless you!

Patrick’s exhibition at the gallery

Patrick’s exhibition on YouTube


See the photos of his art found on the web sites.