Deanery established. We are Brooklyn 1.

CaliseOn April 28th, 2013, Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio conducted a vespers service during which he formally installed 22 priests as deans at St. James Cathedral Basilica, Downtown Brooklyn.  *** Deaneries, or groupings of parishes in specific neighborhoods, replace parish clusters for the purpose of planning the work of the Church. During the service the bishop explained that they will provide a necessary structure for organizing and providing pastoral services of the Church. Bishop DiMarzio said that everyone is interested in passing on the faith to the next generation. So, he challenged the new deans, "If you want to be heroes in the deaneries, figure out what the Church can do for young people." He further advised the deans, that they should listen to the people.

During the service Msgr Hernandez, diocesan chancellor, read the decree formally establishing the deaneries.

Then the new deans made an oath of allegiance and profession of faith before the bishop. The dean will be responsible for calling together parish staff and clergy to work toward greater collaboration and the sharing of resources, but he may also invite lay leaders to gather on a deanery level to share pastoral plans, dialogue about changes in the wider neighborhood arid propose plans to increase · collaboration. In addition, the dean is asked to support the priests in the deanery. This includes being attentive to clergy who may be ill or elderly but may also include the spiritual support of all clergy.

Our parish belongs to the Brooklyn 1 Deanery, and our dean is Rev. Msgr. Joseph Calise, pastor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Williamsburg.