Easter Sunday…

Chris Moretz decided to ride out Hurricane Katrina alone at home. After the worst of the storm had passed, his house was flooded and destroyed. Chris needed to let his family know that he was still alive. But they were in Tucson, Arizona, and there was no way for him to contact them. So Chris painted the message on the roof of his home: “C. MORETZ IS ALIVE. PASS IT ON.” Also included was the phone number of Chris’s brother, Gerard. Gerard said, “Going 36 hours not knowing if he was OK puts things in perspective. But then Chris’ rooftop message was shown on TV and posted on some web sites. Chris’ family began getting phone calls from all over the country telling them Chris was alive.

For the early church the message was simple: “JESUS IS ALIVE. PASS IT ON.” For us Christians on this Easter day, the message is the same, “JESUS IS ALIVE. PASS IT ON.”

We are to be resurrection people. This means that we are not supposed to lie buried in the tomb of our sins, evil habits and dangerous addictions. No tomb can hold us down anymore! We must live a joyful and peaceful life, constantly experiencing the real presence of the resurrected Lord in all the events of our lives. “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad” .

We are called to be transparent Christians, showing others, through our lives of love, mercy, compassion and self-sacrificing service, that the risen Jesus is living in our hearts.

We are to be bearers of the good news of resurrection power. Resurrection is good news. Resurrection is about seeing our world in a new way. Early that Easter morning, Mary DID NOT find what she was looking for, the dead body of Jesus. But she found something better than she could have imagined: the risen Jesus.

In a moment our brother Patrick will find Christ and a new life in Him through the Sacraments of baptism and confirmation. May the 40 days of Lent and these three days of Easter Triduum, and the renew baptismal promises help us to find a new life in Christ. We are to be resurrection people. With our whole lives we must proclaim “JESUS IS ALIVE. PASS IT ON.”