Fr. Jarek says goodbye…

Jarek1     I will be leaving St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish.  The reason for my departure is very clearly explained, without any sensational subtext.  As a priest belonging to the Congregation of the Mission, I am embracing a new calling which is an invitation to join a missionary effort almost from its inception in Benin—Africa.  As you all know, I am not going there as a „rookie”, but as an experienced missionary, because in many instances  I shared with you my missionary experiences,   I do not want to write about my attributes which have prepared  me for this departure, so that I will not be compared by anyone to the lead character in the poem by Jan Brzechwa, „Self Praise”.
    Often upon meeting parishioners, who find about my leaving, I hear lists of my accomplishments while I was among you.  But I must say, this makes me feel a bit awkward, because I know, this litany would not be possible if God had not provided people who would join me in these parish undertakings.  Firstly, I would like to thank the priests with Fr. Marek Sobczak as our leader in this battle for the good of God .

    If I were not met with the openness and eagerness of parishioners, nothing would ever have been achieved.  You opened up your lives for God, and He sent me, to help make good intentions become reality.  That which makes me happiest is remembering the years gone by, the spiritual experience with you and among you.  And, the cross section was complete ranging from the youngest – altar servers, religious instruction participants and youth groups to the oldest – the Nazareth Family Group and Friends of the Missions.  Always in such instances a humble person will say, we could have done more.  When I participated in the third Saturday of the month adoration  and the Living Rosary members prayed for their priests, from the beginning of their existence to the present day, I found it very uplifting.  From the moment I knew I would be leaving this parish, the thought occurred to me, will someone remember me?  Maybe in this thought there is need for humility, but I know that without the prayers of the Church a person is working for naught.
And, in this last sentence I humbly request my remembrance before God, so that I will always eagerly and easily preach His Gospel, there, where He sends me. 
Grateful for all the good I received,
Fr. Jarosław Lawrenz, CM

Address and account for support of the missions in Benin
Mailing Address:  P. Jaroslaw Lawrenz CM,  Congregation de la Mission,  N’Dali BP 45,  N’Dali,  Benin Africa
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