HE IS RISEN. . . – reflection

You are looking for Jesus of Nazareth the crucified. He has been raised, he is not here” (St. Mark) Easter Day has come at last, Jesus is risen. We have prepared for this day through Lent. We suffered with Christ on Good Friday and waited uneasily while He was in the tomb. For those who believe in the Risen Savior, Easter Sunday is the high point of the year—YEAR OF FAITH. The Resurrection of Christ Our Lord not only guarantees us on immortal life, but it tells us of a new life and higher kind of life. By His Resurrection, Christ gives us His own divine life. It is the beginning of the life we shall enjoy to its fullest extent in heaven. It is in truth the beginning of heaven on earth. So the accent of the Christian message is always on life, not on sin, punishment and death.Of course, we have to remember the crucifix and its meaning, for we were redeemed as much by the Resurrection as by the Cross The resurrection, then, means much more than a happy ending of the crucifixion. It is the climax of the great drama of our salvation, a climax, moreover, that continues in our time, having its life giving effect now as it did on the first Easter Sunday. I have to ask myself: „Do I believe that Jesus was raised from the dead”? This is central. If Jesus was not raised from the dead then he cannot promise eternal life. How could we believe in life after death if Jesus himself is still dead? If we do not believe in the resurrection then the whole of our Christian faith is worthless. At each Mass on Easter Sunday we are going to renew our baptismal promises. We will be asked to profess our faith in Jesus risen from the dead. Let us just pause for a moment before we do so to recollect our belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And let us ask for God’s grace to help us believe more perfectly.

The Vincentian Fathers of St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish extend to you and your loved ones their best wishes to a very Holy and Happy Easter. May the promise of our Risen Lord and the glory of His love fill your hearts with lasting peace and blessings from above.

Fr. Joe Szpilski, C.M.