Holy Thursday

LastSupp1Holy Thursday solemnly commemorates the institution by Christ himself of the Eucharist and of the institution of the sacerdotal priesthood. We commemorate that night when Christ had His last supper with the disciples, a celebration of Passover. He is the self-offered Passover Victim. To this day, every ordained priest, by Christ’s authority and command, presents this same sacrifice in the same way. During this special Mass we pray for the intention of our priests and for new vocations to priesthood. After the 7 PM Mass, recognizing the true presence of Christ present in the consecrated Host, we carry the Eucharist in a procession to the flower decorated Altar of Repose, (ciemnica in Polish) where it will remain until the communion service on Good Friday. You are invited to be with Jesus in the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament until 10:30 PM that night.