International Night

On Friday evening, October 22, 2010, the teachers and student body of St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy presented their annual International Night in the school’s spacious auditorium. For a donation of $5.00, parents, relatives, friends and guests learned about many noteworthy historical and cultural events, structures and persons of countries around the globe, such as Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, England, Italia, and the United States.    They also enjoyed a spirited performance of song and dance, characteristic of countries like France, Guyana, Italy and Spain.
Students researched their particular country from a variety of sources and compiled the information into a cohesive whole. In many instances, they wore native costumes, either original or home-made by teachers or parents. The audience learned about Colombian coffee and Italian pasta, and rocked with the French Can-Can and Hawaiian hula dance.
During the intermission in the rear of the auditorium, all had an opportunity to purchase coffee and cake, home-made in most cases, for the benefit of the Drama Club.
Sister Dorothea