Kangaroo Mathematics Olympics

Students of our Academy together with almost six million students from 40 countries, and more than 6,000 students from the USA participated in this year’s international mathematics Olympics -Kangaroo. Participation in such events not only increases mathematical knowledge but creates interaction among students with the same interests, personal satisfaction from achievements and promotes self-motivation.  
The test was held at the same time all over the world.  Ours was held at the Korean Center in Queens at 6:30pm.  The test took 75 minutes and the mathematical problems varied in difficulty.  Calculators were not permitted.  At the end of the test, children were given a T-shirt and a certificate of participation.  Prizes for winners also varied from free participation in international mathematics camps, with the highest scoring students receiving scholarships.     

    Last week we received the results.  For first-time participation in the event, the five students did very well and placed as follows: Nicholas Kaponyas 24th in NYS and 51st in the US.  Peter Kadzielawski 30th in NYS and 68th in the US.  Gabriela Sikorski  35th in NYS and 71st in the US.    Emilia Paluszek  36th in NYS and 76 in the US.      Juliette Stark placed 37th in NYS and 77th in the US.
    Our congratulations to these students and I encourage participation in next year’s competition.
Bozena Konkiel