Michael Cadigan, a student at the Catholic Newman Center at Queens College, has started a movement called NYC Mass Mob with the goal of helping struggling churches regain members. Each month, he will produce a list of the four poorest Catholic churches in New York City and the public can vote on them. The winning church will receive a visit from the Mass Mob, a large group of supporters who will attend mass at the church in hopes of bringing attention to the institution. “It’s a good way to show off churches that need a boost,” he said. “It raises money and awareness and inspires people to go back to their faith.”  Mob already has more than 100 supporters. When he is ready to launch the voting, those interested in participating can visit to cast their ballots.

Cadigan said he is hoping the movement grows in size and popularity as it continues and plans to visit one church every month, starting with smaller ones and working up to the larger churches in the city.  “Hopefully, it makes people interested in going to church again.”