Outreach Project

During our recent Cluster meeting for clergy and laity we were asked to promote the Outreach Project which is ready to serve the people of our area.

Outreach is a premier provider and champion of quality, life-changing drug and alcohol abuse treatment and training services.  For nearly three decades, Outreach has reached out to build healthy lives throughout the New York Metropolitan Area.

Outreach’s dedicated staff provides nearly 2000 individuals and families with care and treatment through a diverse set of programs and upwards of 300 students participate in professional training each year.  Outreach’s continuum of services include:

Adolescent Residential Treatment; Adolescent Outpatient Services;  Adult Outpatient Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment Services; Special program tracks are available for individuals with DWI/DUI violations; Specialized Treatment for Women and Women with Children…

For more info please check www.opiny.org