Peregrination of the icon of the Divine Mercy

As we celebrate the 115th Anniversary of our Parish, we also anxiously await the beatification of Pope John Paul II during this same year.  The beatification should arouse within us a feeling of sincere gratitude and spiritually renewal as a contemporary will be raised to sainthood. May the peregrinations of the icon of the Divine Mercy to the homes of our parishioners, which started on Sunday, February 13th, embody our efforts to prepare for this momentous occasion.

The Catholic Church has officially recognized the life of Karol Wojtyla, namely Pope John Paul II, as a life replete with the virtues that God has deemed essential for sainthood. Consequently, the Parish of St. Stanislaus Kostka in Brooklyn   wants to thank God for bestowing on us the earthly example of His Holiness who epitomized saintly life and heavenly values. He walked down the aisle of our church; he knelt before our tabernacle, and prayed at our altar when he visited us as a Cardinal in 1969.

Pope John Paul II was instrumental in advancing the awareness of the revelations of St. Faustina and the image of the Divine Mercy across the entire Church by introducing Divine Mercy Sunday. He departed his earthly life on the eve of the observance he instituted. His beatification will occur 80 years after the first revelations of Sister Mary Faustina Kowalska, which started on February 22, 1931. Jesus Christ imparted to St. Faustina that no soul would be lost as long as they pray at least one chaplet prior to their hour of death. God’s infinite mercy would even extend to those with the gravest sins.

Therefore, our intention is to propagate the truth that is God’s Divine Mercy, which Pope John Paul II so very heartily endorsed. The peregrination of the icon is an opportunity for our families to personally experience God’s Divine Mercy. The icon is intended to inspire a prayerful return to God’s family as it provides the necessary strength to change the lives of those who experience its spiritually healing power. Therefore, we have instituted the peregrination of the Divine Mercy icon throughout our parish in order to impart God’s mercy and share in His graces.

What does the peregrination involve?

In order to prepare for the arrival of the icon, the selected family will be instructed in the obligations of receiving the portrait of the Divine Mercy in their home. The portrait of the Divine Mercy will be transferred to the designated family after each evening Mass and returned to the Church on the next day. The acceptance of this honor entails that the host family will invite family, friends, and neighbors to pray alongside them before the icon for the intentions of their family, the entire parish community and especially for those who require a change of heart when it comes to their wavering faith.

Of course, in this manner we can petition for material and emotional favors, but more importantly, we can petition for favors that will benefit our soul and overall spiritual well-being, which God readily would like to endow us with. The spiritual favors cannot be bought, cannot be mailed or transferred to you, nor can they be taken by force. These favors are acquired through a receptive heart with prayer that is focused and pious. After serious consideration, please avail yourselves of this exceptional opportunity to draw nearer to God through a very personal encounter with the blessed image of the Divine Mercy.

After this prayerful meditation, you will be able to commit to spiritual or charitable undertakings to thank God for the graces received. The deeds should benefit you spiritually or they should be a valuable assistance to others. The deeds will be logged in a special book.

Any family wishing to register to take the portrait of the Divine Mercy into their home is asked to visit the rectory during office hours or come to the Sacristy after Mass.

We encourage all parishioners and guests to participate in the Hour of Great Mercy prayer, which is scheduled for 3:00 PM daily, as well as, to say a Chaplet to the Divine Mercy. As documented in her diary, Jesus revealed the Hour of Great Mercy for the world to St. Faustina.