As the media are engaging in Holocaust revisionism by using phrases such as “Polish concentration camps” and “Polish death camps,” The Kosciuszko Foundation has posted this petition on it’s web site demanding that the media stop using these libelous phrases. News outlets that use these defamatory phrases are teaching a new generation of impressionable newspaper readers that the Holocaust was carried out by Poles rather than Nazi Germany. 
Poland did not exist from September 1939 until 1945. Maps from this time period show that the camps were built in “The Greater German Reich,” part of Hitler’s Germany that had expanded east. The camps were established by Germans, run by Germans and guarded by Germans. The Nazis gave them German names like “Auschwitz” and hung German words over the entrance, “Arbeit macht frei.”
We want to send a message to media companies that they must stop using use these historically erroneous phrases. Please let the media hear our outrage about this by signing our petition.
Alex Storozynski
President & Executive Director
The Kosciuszko Foundation:
The American Center of Polish Culture