Prayer for nascent human life

At the end of his Angelus Message on November 14, Pope Benedict XVI reminded the assembly that next Saturday (November 27) at St. Peter’s Basilica he will preside over the “first Vespers for the First Sunday of Advent and at a prayer vigil for nascent human life.” While noting that the prayer vigil for all nascent human life is an initiative that encompasses all the particular churches (dioceses) of the world, Pope Benedict especially recommended that parishes, religious communities, and ecclesial associations and movements also take part. He added that “the period of preparation for Christmas is a fitting occasion to invoke God’s protection on all human beings who have been called into existence, as well as to give thanks to God for the gift that each child is to his parents.”

 In our diocese, Bihop DiMarzio will lead us in prayer at St James Cathedral on Saturday, November 27 with Exposition, Rosary and Benediction at 4 PM and Vigil Mass for the First Sunday of Advent at 5 PM. NET will broadcast live the Vigil Service and Mass from the Cathedral, the crew from “Currents” and reporters from the Tablet will be there to cover this worldwide prayerful evening. 

 All members of  our parish are invited to attend this unprecedented event and to join us as we pray for a greater respect for all human life.

We want to take this opportunity to remind you that vigil resources are posted in English and Spanish at  where you will also find the suggested supplications the USCCB prepared in the event “official” supplications are not forthcoming from Rome in time for the printing of your programs.

 Our thanks to all of you for promoting this blessed opportunity to pray with Catholics throughout the world for all newly conceived human life.