Prayer for peace in the world.

On Sunday, September 27, 2015, 50 people from the group called “this is Bahrain” visited St. Stanislaus Kostka Church for a night of prayer for the peace in the world. This is Bahrain representatives were from all group of faith – Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox churches, the Jewish, Sikh, Hindu and Buddhist temples, the Shura Council. During the night we had a chance to hear about the freedom and religious tolerance in the Kingdom of Bahrain and pray for peace. It was a very inspiration evening for many people who came to participate.

50 osobowa grupa z Królestwa Bahrainu odwiedziła nasz kościół wieczorem 27 września w celu przedstawienia nam swojego kraju, jako miejsca, gdzie w jedności spotykaja się wszelkie religie swiata I wspólnie działaja na rzecz pokoju dla wszystkich ludzi. Był to inspirujący I ciekawy wieczór dla wielu uczestników…

Zdjęcia / Some photos are below:

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More on the group from the news:
“This is Bahrain” group came to USA after previous successes in Brussels, London, Berlin and Paris to shed light on the major achievements brought about in the prosperous era of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa since the launch of his reform project.

Participation of the kingdom’s delegation in the trans-Atlantic function with 200 representatives of all components of the Bahraini society is a noble message of tolerance and co-existence from Bahrain to the whole world and an assertion of the kingdom’s renunciation of all forms of terrorism and violence.

“This is Bahrain” will be held in Washington and New York from September 24 to 29 and will feature a press conference and an exhibition to showcase Bahrain’s civilisational and democratic achievements. Participating parties are the Sunni and Jafari endowment, the Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox churches, the Jewish, Sikh, Hindu and Buddhist temples, the Shura Council, ministries, the business community and non-government organizations.

The Bahraini delegation’s visit to Washington today coincided with the historic visit of Pope Francis to the White House. Therefore, the Bahraini delegation voiced happiness to seize the occasion to convey Bahrain’s cross-continental message of tolerance, peace and co-existence. A memorandum of understanding was also signed by “This is Bahrain” and Washington-based Institute for Middle East Studies during a visit by the delegation to the institute’s premises.