Pro-Life Group of our parish reports

pro-life2On Saturday, January 19, 2013, we participated in the subsequent diocesan Crusade for Unborn Life. It was already our third visit in the last few months of our pilgrimage of faith to this particular abortion clinic, which we successfully pushed out of Astoria, Queens. As I previously informed, we are following in their footsteps, and even caused them to cancel the planned grand opening of their new facility in Jamaica. Unfortunately, during our next series of visits there, the entire personnel of this factory of death appeared, all in white lab coats, numbering 30-40 people, with banners against life!

And this time, they received us in the same manner, filling the streets with their numbers. Radiating from them was hatred, aggressiveness and, if not for the police presence, it may have become physical, possibly even to the point of death; because the majority of our group is elderly, and some after strokes and heart attacks.??

A big problem is the minimal participation of young people in our assembly. A peculiar contrast, for life, seniors; and against us, the enemy, young people, with some, barely forty years old.

Noteworthy is that our opponents changed from a position of retreating, to the offensive and are attacking! And its not only their defensiveness, but also their demonstrations all over New York! At some point, we achieved some success with the MTA backing out of advertising abortion clinics. But now there is regression, and again, signs advocating the Culture of Death are appearing, even promoting the abortion clinic mentioned above. Last year, praying in North Brooklyn we met alleged volunteers protecting women making their way to kill their children, and who later turned out to be personnel from the new facility in Jamaica! We went after them, and they came us, what a peculiar tragicomedy! They are now visible every step of the way, on the internet, magazines, banners, billboards!!

Well whatever, nothing remains for us but to spread our ranks and strengthen our action! Hope is being revived by the spread of the movement in all states : "America needs Fatima," which remains in opposition of abortion, same sex marriages, universal promotion of atheism in society and more…!

 Our Pro-Life Group has joined them! Every 13th day of the month, we gather in a Public Rosary Crusade of Our Lady of Fatima, in front of St. Anthony’s Church in Greenpoint, at 12 noon!

Pro-Life Group of St. Maximilian Kolbe;

Br Jan 718-389-7785