We encourage everyone to purchase raffle tickets for the drawing which will be held at our parish picnic on September 14. We will be raffling $1000, $500 and $250.  The proceeds of this raffle are designated to help pay for the air conditioning system installed in the church. We encourage not only buying them for yourself, but also for neighbors, friends and as gifts. We will also be grateful to anyone who would like to sell tickets on behalf of the parish. All help is appreciated. If you are interested in helping us sell our raffle tickets please send us email (skc11222 AT aol.com). If you want to buy raffle tickets please sent us $3 per ticket or $10 for the booklet of 6 and we will mail raffle tickets to you.  We also encourage private or corporate sponsorships. Many businesses and corporations will gladly donate if asked. For every gift, we extend our sincere thanks.