Last Sunday before the All Saints Day and All Souls Day, our parish organized a rosary procession for the deceased at Calvary Cemetery on Greenpoint Avenue in Queens.  We invited our parishioners as well as those from Our Lady of Consolation and Sts. Cyril and Methodius.  We were concerned that there would not be a good turn out since so many people went to the American Częstochowa.  However, as we were driving we noticed individuals as well as small groups walking toward the cemetery.  Only after the clock struck 3:00pm and the procession started that we were able to see how many of us there were.  No one counted exactly how many participants there were, but we approximate about 300 people.  It was very moving to see so many prayerful people.  The procession was led by altar servers in liturgical attire carrying a cross, candles and incense.  Following them were the priests, leading the participants in prayer via a sound system attached to a car.  We are thankful to God that we came upon this idea, because there was a sea of people behind us.  Processing through the pathways of the cemetery in the direction of the chapel, we prayed together the Glorious decade of the Holy Rosary.  We stopped at five stations, in front of which we prayed special prayers for the deceased of our families, for deceased parishioners, and for all those buried at this cemetery.  One of the stations was near the final resting place of the Vincentian Fathers buried at First Calvary Cemetery.  We prayed there for the deceased priests from the Congregation of the Mission who worked in Brooklyn parishes as well as other locations in the New England Province.  At one station, after we prayed for deceased parishioners and neighbors, a tremendous wind swirled above our heads – as though the souls of the departed tried to emerge from the cemetery straight to heaven.  Something happened there.  The procession ended at the beautiful cemetery chapel with a concluding prayer and a final blessing.  Afterwards, the participants expressed their gratitude for the organizing of the procession, as this is the first one in our history (at least to our recollection).  Therefore, we extend special thanks to Fr. Jarek Lawrenz, who was the inspiration and motivator of this undertaking.  Our thanks to the priests, altar servers, and people who helped us.  We thank all those who participated in the prayers.  But most of all we thank God for a beautiful day, the shared experience and enabling us to help the tormented souls in purgatory.

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