Rules of an Altar Server

To be an altar server at St. Stanislaus Kostka, you must first have received the Sacrament of Reconciliation and made your First Communion.
1. An Altar Server wants to attend every Mass they are scheduled for (Sunday and weekday). Altar Servers wants to participates in Eucharist fully (receiving Holy Communion) therefore Altar Server is trying to be in sanctifying grace. If for some reason the server cannot attend the assigned Mass, it is the server’s responsibility to call Coordinator.
2. Altar Server remembers about Confession – at least once a month or often if necessary
3. Altar Server attends in weekly formation meetings.
4. Altar Server arrives at least 15 minutes before Mass begins. Upon arrival the server should vest in cassock and cincture (the rope).
5. Altar Server prays in silence before Eucharist and together with all the Altar Servers before Mass begins. Remember about the silence in the Sacristy – do not talk with friends.
6. Altar Server loves God and for His glory fulfills other liturgical responsibilities.
7. Altar Server should wear Appropriate Attire: Dress as you would to go anywhere important. It is suggestion that male servers should dress in collared shirts, dress pants or khakis. Female servers should wear dresses, skirts, or some other appropriate atttire. Blue jeans, beach attire, gym clothes and T-shirts are never to be worn at Mass. Such clothing is not appropriate dress for serving at the altar. NO SNEAKERS, WORK BOOTS or FLIP-FLOPS. Appropriate dress shoes should be worn (preferably black shoes for male servers).

Act of entrustment to Immaculate Mary of St. Dominic Savio: 
“Mary, I give you my heart. Let it be always Yours. Jesus and Mary, please be always my friends. I beg you, I would rather die, than I commit even one sin.”