Santa, nativities, creche

Img_1118aYoung children from our parish and school had a wonderful opportunity to take photo with Santa Claus during a wonderful event called Breakfast With Santa! That was held is held this morning, Sunday December 16th, 2012, at St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy’s Auditorium. We are glad that many parents brought their children to the auditorium. They not only had a chance to see Santa – some were scared of him J , but all ate a simple breakfast, played with balloons and had their faces painted or “tattooed” . It was a great time for children to play after the mass in church and for parents to get together.

Santa’s visit was not the only excitement that morning. There was a special exhibit prepared by our parishioners. A creche exhibit, where handmade nativities from all over the world were displayed. These nativities are from the private collection of parishioner Margaret Szczygiel. What a wonderful collections of great art. Creche are made of all kind of materials – porcelain, wood, paper, nuts, trees, clay – to name the few.

We thank parents for setting up the Breakfast and Mrs. Szczygiel for her effort to share with us the display.

Please check some photos in our gallery.