Special Anniversary

 On Sunday, October 31, 2010, St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish honored Halina Kalitka for her thirty-five years of distinguished service to the church and community.  As a child, she emigrated with her parents from Germany to the United States and worked tirelessly all her life in many spheres of activity, specifically her church, school and community.  

  The Polish National Alliance, the Krakowianki and Gorale Dance Group, the Maria Konopnicka Polish Supplementary School and St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy paid Halina a special tribute during the 9:00 A.M. Mass in a packed church.  Inundating her with roses and other flowers and proudly singing her praises, youngsters, clad in Polish costumes, congratulated Mrs. Kalitka for sharing her gift of music, song and dance with generations of children, to the delight of their parents.

 Her strong beautiful voice and superb skills on the organ/piano bring elegance to wedding ceremonies, hope to loved ones grieving at funeral Masses, pride to local and national figures at patriotic celebrations, and reverence to the faithful processing for Corpus Christi and during Forty Hours.  Her spirit and enthusiasm imbues every aspect of our lives, but not more than at Christmas and spring rehearsals of the Krakowianki-Gorale Dance Group on Wednesday evenings.  At those times, her fingers are dancing on the keys, her feet are tapping the pedals and her voice resounds, filling the school hall with joy and celebration.

Rev. Marek Sobczak, pastor, said it well in his tribute to Halina Kalitka:  “Halina was not an organist only, but a person who draws others, makes them feel happy and welcome, someone who is able to calm people in difficult moments, a person, always with a smile, radiating joy and bringing peace.  May God bless you now and always; may He provide that only goodness follow you and friends surround you.  We thank you and we praise God for you and for your 35 years of dedicated service to our parish.”

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