Spiritual Communion

When in these difficult days, when churches are closed and we lack the possibility of receiving sacramental communion, and we need strength and bravery to cope with hard moments in life, to fight laziness, small-heartedness, with temptations – then look for this spiritual strength in spiritual communion, as saints sought her, going to the torments and martyrdom.

As it has been for centuries, it has not always been or will be an opportunity to receive sacramental communion, but you can always and at any time strengthen yourself with spiritual communion. Then try to pray to God and call to Him from the bottom of your soul:

“I believe, sweet Jesus, that you are actually present in the forms of bread and wine. I love you with all my heart! I regret the sins that have offended you. Come to my heart, O my only desire! I fall into your embrace, I give myself to You (a), the only object of my love. Do not let me break away from you when I am! “

St. Tomasz says: “Spiritual communion is a fervent desire to receive Jesus.” Venerable sister Agata of the Cross, the Third Order of Saint Dominik, the Lord Jesus himself taught her to receive spiritual communion, which consists in connecting with Him with thought and heart. She did this exercise with such a love feeling that it seemed to her that she was not breathing her heart, but through the heart of Jesus.

St. The Council of Trent commends the custom of receiving communion and the faithful encourages it. Jesus appeared once to his sister Paula Maresca, founder of the convent of the Sisters of St. Catherine of Sienna in Naples and showed her two chalices, one gold and the other silver, saying: “I place your sacramental communion in the gold cup and the spiritual one in the silver cup”. Blessed Joanna of the Cross told the Lord Jesus that with every spiritual communion he gave her almost as great favors as with sacramental communion.

Father Paweł Fabriz T.J. says that spiritual communion more specifically disposes souls to general sacramental communion. That is why the saints communicated so spiritually so often. “If my confessor didn’t teach me this way of connecting with Christ,” said Bl. Angela from the Cross – I wouldn’t have the courage and strength to live, because that’s where I mainly draw her. ” It was a hundred times a day that she received the Lord Jesus.

Spiritual holy communion is the acceptance of grace in a situation where the sacramental sign is not available. But for this to happen, you must have the same disposition to receive grace as to sacramental communion. The Council of Trent speaks so clearly, as well as the Council of Florence – reminds Fr. Dr. Strzelczyk, emphasizing that counter-teaching is misleading.

Communion of desire is a non-sacramental communion. This happens when we do not have access to the sacrament. Due to the fact that for a long time I will not have access to communion, I raise desire and through it Christ becomes present in me with sacramental grace without a sacramental sign. And this is normal communion, described by the Council of Trent – emphasizes the theologian.

So you see that whenever you received spiritual communion with dignity and devotion, you could leave this world in peace of mind so many times that you could turn this earthly and transient communion into a heavenly and eternal one in watching God.

Do not forget, therefore, that spiritual communion is also the focus of Christian life, from which God’s love radiates around us and we can embrace it as often as possible during our exhaustive work on our own salvation.