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Vincentian Priests and Brothers martyrs beatified 13 October 2013 in Spain

beatCM2013Some 25,000 people were attending the ceremony of 522 “martyrs of the 20th century in Spain” in the eastern city of Tarragona Sunday, October 13, 2013. Among them were 42 members of the Vincentian Family: 11 priests and 3 brothers from the Congregation of the Mission, 27 Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul and one lay woman, members of AMM. Cardinal Angelo Amato delivered homily and presided at the liturgy held at the entrance to Bible Study Institute of Education Center in Tarragona. Prerecorded message of Pope Francis was presented at the beginning. A big number of Daughters of Charity and Vincentian Confreres were present including Superior General, Fr. Gregory Gay, C.M., Superioress General, Sr. Evelyne Franc, D.C.   Read more here

Spiritual deeds in thanksgiving for the beatification

The beatification of Pope John Paul II is a time to personally experience God’s Divine Mercy. God sent Karol Cardinal Wojtyla, a true embodiment of Holiness, to our Parish in September 1969 so that we as a community can whole-heartedly partake in his beatification and his eventual elevation to sainthood.
In thanksgiving, a program has been prepared for our Parish to spiritually participate in the beatification of John Paul II. Continue reading Spiritual deeds in thanksgiving for the beatification

Blessed John Paul II

Today we give thanks to God for the gift of beatification of John Paul II, Great Pope. May the testimonial life and legacy of our Pope chalenge us to live by the example of his life and love. May our lives proclaim his teachings.


Błogosławiony Jan Paweł II
Dziękujemy dziś Bogu za dar beatyfikacji Jana Pawła II. Niech ten wielki dzień stanie się dla nas wezwaniem do podejmowania i wcielania w życie przesłania, jakie zostawił nam swoim życiem i nauczeniem błogosławiony Jan Paweł II.

Thanksgiving Novena – 8th Week

Novena of thanksgiving for the beatification of John Paul II offered for families:

Words of John Paul II:

When we speak about “fairest love”, we are also speaking about beauty: the beauty of love and the beauty of the human being who, by the power of the Holy Spirit, is capable of such love. We are speaking of the beauty of man and woman: their beauty as brother or sister, as a couple about to be married, as husband and wife. The Gospel sheds light not only on the mystery of “fairest love”, but also on the equally profound mystery of beauty, which, like love, is from God. Man and woman are from God, two persons called to become a mutual gift. From the primordial gift of the Spirit, the “giver of life”, there arises the reciprocal gift of being husband or wife, no less than that of being brother or sister. Continue reading Thanksgiving Novena – 8th Week

9 Week Novena in thanksgiving for the beatification of John Paul II

This weekend marks the beginning of the 9 week Novena in thanksgiving for the beatification of John Paul II. Our Novena will be dedicated for the intention of families. John Paul II was concerned much about families. He prayed for families and always had encouraged  families to be faithful to God’s plan of salvation. In our Novena we will read John Paul’s words regarding family and then offer a short prayer.  The Novena will be prayed after each Sunday Mass. We encourage you to pray it at home, too.

WEEK ONE – Family Prayer:

Words of John Paul II: Prayer makes the Son of God present among us: “For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them” (Mt 18:20). It is significant that precisely in and through prayer, man comes to discover in a very simple and yet profound way his own unique subjectivity: in prayer the human “I” more easily perceives the depth of what it means to be a person. This is also true of the family, which is not only the basic “cell” of society, but also possesses a particular subjectivity of its own. Continue reading 9 Week Novena in thanksgiving for the beatification of John Paul II

Peregrination of the icon of the Divine Mercy

As we celebrate the 115th Anniversary of our Parish, we also anxiously await the beatification of Pope John Paul II during this same year.  The beatification should arouse within us a feeling of sincere gratitude and spiritually renewal as a contemporary will be raised to sainthood. May the peregrinations of the icon of the Divine Mercy to the homes of our parishioners, which started on Sunday, February 13th, embody our efforts to prepare for this momentous occasion.

The Catholic Church has officially recognized the life of Karol Wojtyla, namely Pope John Paul II, as a life replete with the virtues that God has deemed essential for sainthood. Consequently, the Parish of St. Stanislaus Kostka in Brooklyn   Continue reading Peregrination of the icon of the Divine Mercy

John Paul will be beatified on the Divine Mercy Sunday!

The much-anticipated beatification of Pope John Paul II will take place on May 1, the Sunday after Easter. The healing of a French nun with Parkinson’s disease was officially recognized as the miracle that made John Paul II a “blessed.”  The title is given to martyrs and other Christians to whom a miracle has been officially attributed, thus bringing them one step closer to sainthood.  Pope Benedict XVI approved the decree for the beatification of his predecessor during a Jan. 14 audience with the head of the Vatican department for saints’ causes, Cardinal Angelo Amato and promulgated the decree with his signature. 


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