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Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio Visits Our Parish …

NDMAs part of his regular pastoral visitations to the Catholic communities of Brooklyn and Queens, Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio came to greet and extend his blessings on the parishioners of St. Stanislaus Kostka Church in Greenpoint. The Father’s Day visit on June 16th, 2013 began with the Bishop celebrating the 9:00AM Family Mass, which was dedicated in prayerful remembrance of all father’s living and deceased.

The Bishop appropriately reminded us of the goodness of our Heavenly Father as well as the goodness of our earthly fathers through parables like the “Prodigal Son.” And, on Father’s Day, called us to be extremely thankful for their love.

The Holy Mass concluded with our parish organizations extending their best wishes to Bishop DiMarzio on his birthday. After we sang “STO LAT”, Bishop DiMarzio blessed the attendees at this most memorable Father’s Day celebration.

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St Joseph’s Church in Prospect Heights church made a Cathedral, one of Pope Benedict XVI’s final acts

co-cathedralBefore he abdicated the Papacy, Benedict XVI elevated a church in Prospect Heights to cathedral status. Last month, just three days after Benedict’s historic announcement that he was abdicating the Papacy, Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio was informed of the ,  pope’s decision of February 11th to designate the Church of St. Joseph, 856 Pacific Street, Brooklyn, a co-cathedral of the Diocese of Brooklyn. The decree was pre-dated March19th and it was announced to the parishioners on March 3rd, 2013. Continue reading St Joseph’s Church in Prospect Heights church made a Cathedral, one of Pope Benedict XVI’s final acts



Feast of St. Vincent DePaul

Today is the feast day of St. Vincent DePaul, considered by many to be the “star” saint of Christian charity and concern for the poor. Many people, including those who don’t know that much about this great saint from the 17th century, know of the work of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society, which is active in so many parishes and dioceses around the world bringing direct help to people in need….

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Dzień Imigranta–msza św.– zaproszenie

Zapraszamy do uczestnictwa w uroczystej mszy świętej z okazji diecezjalnego Dnia Imigranta. Ks. Biskup Nicholas DiMarzio będzie głównym celebransem mszy św, która w tym roku odprawiona zostanie w niedzielę 22 kwietnia o 3:00 po południu w kościele St. Joseph (856 Pacific Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238). Zapraszamy do licznego uczestnictwa, w miarę możliwości w strojach ludowych.


wydBishop Nicolas DiMarzio wrote in his official statement – “Brooklyn Sends One of the Largest Delegations in the U.S. A convocation of hundreds of teens from Brooklyn and Queens will assemble for an official send-off Mass to World Youth Day Madrid this Saturday. Aug. 6 at S p.m. at Immaculate Conception Center in Douglaston.

They will join the more than 25.000 American young people who are expected to converge on Spain, with over one million pilgrims from every corner of the world for the mother of all meetings for teens: World Youth Day.


Nowi kapłani w diecezji Brooklyn


ks. Dariusz StrzeleckiKs. Daniel RajskiW sobotę 4 czerwca 2011, w Bazylice Św. Jakuba w Brooklynie, ks. Biskup Nicholas DiMarzio udzielił święceń kapłańskich dwóm diakonom pochodzącym z Polski – ks. Danielowi Rajskiemu oraz ks. Dariuszowi Strzeleckiemu. Obaj zastali wyświęceni dla diecezji Brooklyn. Serdecznie gratulujemy im tego pięknego powołania oraz tego, że potrafili na nie odpowiedzieć, ofiarując swojeżycie dla Chrystusa. Wspieramy ich naszymi modlitwami, aby nigdy nie zabrakło im gorliwości w służbie Bogu i ludziom naszej diecezji.

Księża odprawią swoje pierwsze msze święte w niedzielę 5 czerwca 2011 o godzinie 11:00 – ks. Daniel w parafii Św. Krzyża na Maspeth, a ks. Dariusz w parafii Matki Bożej Częstochowskiej w Brooklynie. Następnie księża odprawią prymicyjne msze święte w rodzinnych parafiach w Polsce  – ks. Dariusz w Bazylice Św. Wincentego a Paulo w Bydgoszczy, a ksiądz Daniel w Budzieszowicach.

Lay Ministry Sunday

On Sunday, March 6, our diocese will commemorate Lay Ministry Sunday which gives us an opportunity to affirm and publically acknowledge the service that the laity contribute to the life of the Church both in parishes and the diocese-at-large.
As a pastor of St. Stanislaus Kostka I am very grateful for the dedication of those who work as leaders of our parish ministry, members of a parish committee, liturgical ministers, and those in outreach in many ways.
May God bless you for your efforts, skill, talents and times to serve our parish.
Please read the article by Bishop DiMarzio on the occasion of Lay Ministry Sunday by clicking of this link.

Bishop DiMarzio on Reconfiguration in the Diocese

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio explains how Brooklyn and Queens diocese is making painful cuts —    By Bishop Nicholas Dimarzio (Nov 21, 2010)

 As great cities change, so do their institutions. In recent decades, the Diocese of Brooklyn – consisting of 197 parishes in Brooklyn and Queens – has witnessed significant population shifts in our neighborhoods and places of worship.  As Catholics move out of various neighborhoods, their ethnic and religious composition changes. Many dioceses in our region of the country face similar challenges. To our regret, such changes have contributed to a decrease in church attendance and the underutilization of many church buildings. In some parishes, churches built long ago now face insurmountable costs of repair. Besides all this, the recent recession has placed financial stress on individual parishes and the diocese overall. Continue reading Bishop DiMarzio on Reconfiguration in the Diocese