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To prove that Polish pisanka, an ornamented egg, can be made using various techniques, please check these two eggs prepared by another parishioner. She use the color paint, wax and a pin to get such a wonderful and colorful Easter eggs. Check the photos below…


Polska pisanka może być wykonana także techniką malowania woskiem. Zdjęcia poniżej przedstawiają własnie tego typu pisanki zrobione przez nasza parafiankę. Continue reading Pisanki

Decorated eggs


One of the most beautiful Polish folk tradition of Easter is hand painting or decorating of boiled eggs. Polish pisanka (plural pisanki) or kraszanki (from a krasić – which means to decorate) is a common name for an egg ornamented using various techniques. One of our parishioners brought to the rectory a few decorated eggs she made herself. She boiled eggs in onion peels to get the rich brown color and then decorated them herself by scratching the surface with a sharp tool to reveal the white of the egg shell. In our photo gallery we present some of them. By the way, we thank Mrs. B for the beautiful gift of pisanki.