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Education Fair in the Polish Consulate

A second Education Fair will be held on March 10 in the Polish Consulate in New York City from 11:00am to 6:00pm. This year, 12 schools from different cities in Poland will be represented. The schools will be offering programs of study in the English and Polish languages. These education fairs are directed toward youth of Polish heritage but also American youth who would like to study in Europe. This is a very interesting and inexpensive alternative to completing your higher education as well as attaining a good education in the area of medicine, a direction which is very expensive in the United States. Information will also be provided on scholarships and the possibility of free studies for Polonia youth.


101 reasons to send your child to a Catholic School

CS Dear Parents! You MUST read this Absolutely Awesome List! It is inspiring and a good affirmation as we head back to the classrooms for another year!  This list was found on Catholic School Chronicle page. You may find a lot of great information in regards to Catholic Schools. But this list is really great.

Why should you send your children to a Catholic school? So they can experience:

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