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Holy Thursday

The feast of Holy Thursday solemnly commemorates the institution by Christ himself of the Eucharist and of the institution of the sacerdotal priesthood. We commemorate that night when Christ had His last supper with the disciples, a celebration of Passover. He is the self-offered Passover Victim. To this day, every ordained priest, by Christ’s authority and command, presents this same sacrifice in the same way. During this special Mass we pray for the intention of our priests and for new vocations to priesthood. After the Mass, recognizing the true presence of Christ present in the consecrated Host, we carry the Eucharist in a procession to the flower decorated Altar of Repose, (ciemnica in Polish) where it will remain until the communion service on Good Friday. You are invited to be with Jesus in the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament until 11 PM tonight.

Holy Thursday Mass…

During the Holy Mass offered by all the priests of our parish as well as Fr. Joseph Lachowski CM, former assistant at St. Stans, presently resident at Ozanam Hall in Queens, on Holy Thursday at 7 PM we celebrated three anniversaries: 1) the anniversary of the first Holy Mass, 2) the anniversary of the institution of ministerial priesthood to perpetuate the Holy Mass, to convey God’s forgiveness to repentant sinners and to preach the good news of salvation, 3) the anniversary of Jesus’ promulgation of Jesus’ new commandment of love: “Love one another as I have loved you.” Today we remembered how Jesus transformed the Jewish Passover into the New Testament Passover. Continue reading Holy Thursday Mass…

Holy Thursday

Today, as we begin the sacred Paschal Triduum,  we give thanks to God for two great sacraments established by Jesus Christ to help us live our lives in holiness and perfection – the Eucharist and Priesthood.

The night before Pope John Paul II’s funeral, Rome was filled with an estimated 5 million pilgrims who had come for the funeral Mass. Wherever they were gathered, all over the city, the whole night through, you could see priests hearing confessions in makeshift, outdoor confessionals, with signs around their necks or hanging from their chairs listing the languages they spoke. Continue reading Holy Thursday