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September 17th 1939 – remember in prayer

69 years ago, on September 17, 2010, 2 weeks after German invasion, a sudden strike (without formal proclamation of war) from the East torn Poland apart between two brutal regimes and nations.   The Soviet Russia aggression was a part of Rusia – Germany pact called “Ribentrop – Molotow pact” signed one month before (23rd August 1939). The eastern parts of Poland were incorporated to Soviet Russia (so called USSR) and Poles faced extermination of the same scale as on the western part under German occupation. They were executed, tortured, sent to Siberia and Far East, 250 000 Polish soldiers became POWs and several thousands (mostly officers) were killed in Katyn, Mednoje, Kharkov and Ostashkov by single shot to the head. Later, Soviet Russia tried to excuse accusing Germans of those crimes. 
Let us remember the victims of the September 17th 1939 in our prayers today.