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Parish Picnic 2012

PLAKAT NA 2012zol-mWe invite everyone to a parish picnic in honor of the patron of our parish, St. Stanislaus Kostka. The picnic will be held on Sunday, September 23rd, 2012, in the school on 12 Newel Street from 11:30am- 5:00pm. We are grateful to God for the great gift of our parish community. We thank God for priests, workers, volunteers, and all parishioners and for their dedication and caring for our parish. May our shared celebration, dance party for adults, raffles and games for children during the picnic, be an opportunity to mutually thank one another for the caring we show for our parish. Let this picnic be encouragement for greater effort so that our parish will grow and develop both spiritually and in number. Let us meet at the parish picnic which is intended as a gathering for parishioners. In advance we extend our thanks for your participation and purchase of food, which will cover the cost of preparing this gathering. The proceeds from the Picnic will support the Organ Repair Fund. Please join us.

From the pastor…

The Parish Pastoral Council, as well as individual parishioners, have asked that I give an update on some of the issues concerning parish buildings.  So please bear with me as I try to do that today.
My friends, in Greenpoint there is talk that our parish is very rich because we have seven buildings – the church, rectory, old school, new school, the convent, the Polish CCD Building and the small residential building. But what type of wealth is this if all the buildings are between 60 and 115 years old, are used for non-income producing purposes, and above all, are very expensive to keep in good condition?

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Parish Support Program – homily

The modern world has no mercy on those who are weak, lonely or helpless. Businesses and companies fight among themselves for a single client in a market where they could make a profit. The weak do not survive and close up operations. Their struggles teach us some important lessons. In order to profit, everyone in such a firm must cooperate, work hard and fruitfully. Businesses that lack people interested in success, businesses with lot of talk but no action, will perish sooner or later. Continue reading Parish Support Program – homily

Parish Support Program Kickoff!

 “One Spirit, One Soul, One Parish Community”.      St. Stanislaus Kostka Church announces the beginning of a very important program  that will affect the life of our Catholic community. The Parish Support Program  established by the Diocesan Bishop for all parishes is an opportunity for  parishioners to stand together, in one spirit, in the stewardship of their  parish as Catholics; a faith community sharing their individual time, talent and  treasure. All parishioners will be asked to participate by making a stronger commitment to your faith through this program. Continue reading Parish Support Program Kickoff!