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Vincentian Foundation Day

The Feast of the Conversion of St Paul on January 25 is celebrated as the Foundation Day of the Congregation of the Mission (Vincentian Priests and Brothers).  On January 25, 1617, following an experience with a dying man at Gannes (northern France) some days earlier,  Vincent de Paul preached a mission sermon in  the Church at Folleville, a few leagues distant from Gannes. For Vincent de Paul, this was the day he came to understand his vocation, and he regarded this mission sermon at Folleville as the beginning of the Congregation of the Mission. The legal formalities for setting up the Congregation of the Mission took place in 1625.

Please pray today for new vocation to the Congregation of the Mission.
Please also pray for God’s blessings for our priests and brothers – especially those who work at our parish, and for eternal happiness for those of us who have passed away.

Święcenia Kapłańskie – zdjęcia * Ordination’s photos

If you are interested to see an Ordination Ceremony of a new priests (of the Vincentian Fathers of the Province of Poland) in the seminary church in Krakow, click here…

                              or VIDEO  (in Polish)

Jeżeli jesteś zainteresowany jak wyglądają święcenia kapłańskie, znajdziesz tu zdjęcia ze święcen w kościele seminaryjnym Księży Misjonarzy w Krakowie dla Prowincji Polskiej.

                               albo VIDEO (po polsku)