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Bishop DiMarzio on Reconfiguration in the Diocese

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio explains how Brooklyn and Queens diocese is making painful cuts —    By Bishop Nicholas Dimarzio (Nov 21, 2010)

 As great cities change, so do their institutions. In recent decades, the Diocese of Brooklyn – consisting of 197 parishes in Brooklyn and Queens – has witnessed significant population shifts in our neighborhoods and places of worship.  As Catholics move out of various neighborhoods, their ethnic and religious composition changes. Many dioceses in our region of the country face similar challenges. To our regret, such changes have contributed to a decrease in church attendance and the underutilization of many church buildings. In some parishes, churches built long ago now face insurmountable costs of repair. Besides all this, the recent recession has placed financial stress on individual parishes and the diocese overall. Continue reading Bishop DiMarzio on Reconfiguration in the Diocese