The St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy Drama Club presented the musical Annie

Leapin’ lizards! The St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Academy Drama Club has completed another successful year! After very well received renditions of The King and I (2009) and Beauty and the Beast (2010), the June 3rd and 4th, 2011 performances of the musical Annie were met with many praises for a job well done. Our drama club is currently wrapping up its third year. Any student of S.S.K.C.A., in grades 5 through 8, interested in joining the club is welcome. The students have been working throughout the year, rehearsing twice a week, and putting a lot of effort into preparing for the end-of-the-year performances.


Annie is a musical based on the popular Harold Gray comic strip, Little Orphan Annie. It tells the story of Annie, an 11-year-old redheaded girl, optimistic and "spunky", living in an orphanage, who is seeking her parents. The play takes place in 1933 New York City. Miss Hannigan, the orphanage matron, seemingly hates children. Grace Farrell, assistant to the billionaire Oliver Warbucks, comes to the orphanage asking for an orphan to come to his house for a week as part of a plan to improve his public image. Because Annie was in the office at the time, Grace asks to take her, and Hannigan reluctantly agrees. Slowly, ‘Daddy’ Warbucks opens more than his home to the little girl, he opens his heart, and he plans to adopt her. Meanwhile, Miss Hannigan’s brother, Rooster, and his girlfriend, Lily St. Regis, devise a plan to con Warbucks out of money he has offered if Annie’s birth parents were to surface. The swindle is brought to light by Molly, the youngest orphan, who eaves-drops and hears the whole plan. Along with the other orphans and Sandy, a mixed breed dog that Annie had rescued, they make it to the mansion to tell Warbucks the news. In the end, the scoundrels are arrested, Annie is rescued, and everything falls into place with the adoption.

Some of the drama club members are already seasoned veterans, having performed in all three plays the club has done. The title role of Annie was played by our seventh grader Samantha Zabroni, while Oliver ‘Daddy’ Warbucks was played by our eighth grader, Nicolas Gangone. Grace Farrell was played by another of our graduating seniors, Natalia Hetnar. Meanwhile, one of our newest members, fifth grader Lilliana Zakrzewski wowed the audience with her portrayal of Miss Hannigan. Rooster and Lily were played by George Kassimis (grade 7) and Claudia Nytko (grade 6). Every one of our cast members understands that every character, every single member, is important when putting on a production. The club works together to make sure the finished product is something to be proud of. The drama club is also very blessed to have faithful alumni volunteers who help with all aspects of the show, from piano accompaniment and sound room control to curtains and props. The club has been generously sponsored by Elite Learning of Brooklyn since its inception, and is also very lucky to have parent volunteers who get down ‘in the trenches’ to make sure the performances go smoothly. We have some very talented and hard working students who take pride in the final product they worked so hard to put together! Mrs. Fran Zito and I, the club’s moderators, are very pleased with the results!

Ms. Helen Kazes