Vincentian Priests and Brothers martyrs beatified 13 October 2013 in Spain

beatCM2013Some 25,000 people were attending the ceremony of 522 “martyrs of the 20th century in Spain” in the eastern city of Tarragona Sunday, October 13, 2013. Among them were 42 members of the Vincentian Family: 11 priests and 3 brothers from the Congregation of the Mission, 27 Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul and one lay woman, members of AMM. Cardinal Angelo Amato delivered homily and presided at the liturgy held at the entrance to Bible Study Institute of Education Center in Tarragona. Prerecorded message of Pope Francis was presented at the beginning. A big number of Daughters of Charity and Vincentian Confreres were present including Superior General, Fr. Gregory Gay, C.M., Superioress General, Sr. Evelyne Franc, D.C.   Read more here